travel jet in skyWhen the worst happens in a foreign country, rational thinking becomes next to impossible.  While you are busy getting organized and packing, set aside some time to think about and document the answers to the following:



  1. The emergency phone number(s) I have selected and given to family and/or friends and saved in my mobile devices is/are _____________________________________________________________.
  2. My travel insurance policy number is_____________________________. I will have it with me at all times in my (phone, purse, briefcase, etc) __________________________________.
  3. My out of country travel insurance provider’s name & emergency phone number is ____________________________________.
  4. I have talked to my travel insurance provider and feel confident I understand all the limitations of any of my pre-existing conditions and all other terms, conditions and fine print in my travel insurance policy and what it all means. YES   NO
  5. The generic names of the medications I take are _______________________________________________________________ and the frequency of taking each is _______________________________________________________________________.
  6. I am satisfied that my travel insurance will pay for an air ambulance. YES   NO
  7. I am satisfied that my travel insurance covers a medical emergency like surgery for a heart attack or death if I am not in the hospital for more than 24 hours before passing away. YES   NO
  8. My travel insurance will pay for hospital fees to release a body. YES   NO
  9. The address and phone number for Canada’s Consulate Office in my country of destination is __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ and I have this information stored in my mobile device or have a printed copy to take with me. YES   NO
  10. I have notified my credit card company(s) of my travel plans/destinations and dates. YES   NO
  11. I have $___________________ in emergency savings.
  12. My bank is ________________________________. My home branch is _______________________________.
  13. I have a signed will. YES   NO
  14. I have a signed power of attorney. YES   NO
  15. I have a signed health care directive. YES   NO
  16. I have let my executor/executrix know of my travel plans. YES   NO
  17. My executor/executrix knows where to find a copy of my will. YES   NO
  18. Those who will need to know the above information will have copies of this document and I will carry a copy at all times. YES   NO
  19. I have a passport that’s valid for 6 months or more. YES   NO
  20. The address and phone number of the place I will be staying is ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.


My Personal Out of Country Checklist

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