Sometimes things happen in life that you just can’t control. It’s important to be prepared and protected against such circumstances. The right insurance solutions will have an enormously positive effect on your life and the lives of those you love. Insurance does more than you think.  It helps your loved ones by protecting your savings, paying for unexpected medical costs, covering lost income, covering your children’s education costs and safeguarding your retirement.

Life Insurance

Life insurance can help protect the people who rely on you and assure them that they will be taken care of if you are no longer there. It does this by providing financial security and income for those you name as the beneficiary, pay any debts and final expenses, or leave a legacy for future generations or charitable organizations that you care about.

To find out how much life insurance you need, click on the life insurance calculator.  To find out how much life insurance will cost, or to meet with someone to discuss your life insurance needs, click on “Life Insurance Quote”.

Health Insurance

If you or your family were faced with illness, injury, dental bills and prescription costs, wouldn’t you want to worry less about your finances?  Protect the important things in life – your health and your lifestyle, with proper health insurance.

There are four types of health insurance: health care benefits, critical illness insurance, disability insurance, and travel insurance.  Each insurance type of insurance has an important role in giving you and your family peace of mind.

Travel Insurance

Get insured for emergency medical care during travel – whether you’re taking an occasional holiday or are a frequent flyer.

Basic travel plans cover emergency medical care, hospital stays, emergency access to doctors and practitioners, as well as travel costs related to a medical emergency. You can also add optional accidental death and dismemberment benefits.

Our travel insurance carriers require you to answer medical questions. The premium you pay depends on the coverage you select, how long you need the coverage for, and the age and health history of the applicants.