Health Care Benefits Quiz – Are You Covered?

Question #1: Prescription lenses, frames, contact lenses and laser refractive surgery are usually covered by health benefits.

The answer is B - False

Question #2: Among the important people in your life, who could benefit from Critical Illness coverage?

The answer is E - All of the above

Question #3: How many Canadians will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime?

The answer is B - 1 in 5

Question #4: Some features that can be added to a Critical Illness policy include:

The answer is E - All of the above

Question #5: The purpose of disability benefits (disability insurance) is to:

The answer is A - Replace your income when you’re unable to work, due to illness or injury

Question #6: Return of premium means a refund of all the premiums paid for coverage, if the benefit is never paid out.

The answer is A - True

Question #7: 1 in ___ children will be diagnosed with cancer before age 15.

The answer is A - 1 in 435

Question #8: A Critical Illness Insurance benefit payout is restricted to which of the following uses?

The answer is B - There are no restrictions

Question #9: Most people who want health care benefits usually:

The answer is E - A, B and C

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